Ayama Breath and Flow is a system that takes its roots in ancient practices uniting breath and movement... stillness and flow… yogic and Taoist heritage.

Ayama Breath

Breath is fundamental to life.
In this practice we slow down and pay close attention to the process of breathing. We begin with learning how to use your diaphragm and move to more complex breath such as Ujjai, kapalbhati, breath retention and other taoist practices.

Ayama Flow

When breath becomes movement.
From meditation to vibration to sound and movement- we will explore this natural unfolding from inner to outer through the practices of Qi Gong and Yoga, exploring the spirals that exist naturally within each of us.

Ayama Breath and Flow

A practice to reset yourself in a practical and methodological way. It helps to cultivate a daily practice and way of life to help you achieve a higher state of consciousness to live a happy, fulfilled life. You are invited to reconnect with your inner self… to heal and grow with Ayama breath and flow system, and expand your entire being.


2nd & 4th


6 – 7:30pm


Upstairs above Crystalign Chiropractic

*Enter via front porch

What To Bring:

Meditation Cushion and Yoga Mat


$40 Per Session

*Venmo, Cash, Check or Credit Card
If paying by credit card, please call 828-552-3111 to prepay by phone

Benefits of Ayama Breath and Flow System for the Mind, Body and Spirit:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Can help to improve sleep
  • Can improve chronic pain such as migraines
  • Helps to regulate the nervous system through activation of the Vagus nerve
  • Can improve blood circulation and change the PH levels of the blood
  • Helps to regulate the emotions
  • Releases stress hormones from the body
  • Helps to lower heart rate and regulate hormone levels
  • Can improve asthma and other breathing disorders such as sleep Apnea
  • Boosts your energy level and provides more mental focus and calm
  • Provides tools for self healing and empowerment
  • Lubrication of the joints
  • Improve your balance and flexibility
  • Optimize the functionality of your internal organs

Stephane Diaz

In the late 90’s, Stephane was in a severe car accident leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors predicted that he would never walk again as it was a severe spinal cord injury. He began working with intense determination and all the tools and modalities he learned in the past such as breathwork, visualization, sound, qi gong, yoga and the power of thought. Little by little he defied the prognosis and found his way back to walking. Stephane is passionate about sharing this with others in the hopes of empowering them to heal themselves too.

Dr. Anya Harris

In 1997, Anya completed her bachelor of science degree in Psychobiology, which is the study of behavioral neuroscience. Fascinated by the mind-body connection, she started Chiropractic school at Life University in 1998 to intensely study the human frame, diet, biomechanics, neurology, vitalism and holistic living. Anya’s retreats and classes incorporate breathwork, sound healing, gentle yoga, intuitive health coaching and 21 years of chiropractic experience to help you free your body and mind.