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New Patient Visits:

  •  Please call us at 828-552-3111 during our office hours to schedule all new patient visits.

Same Day Appointments:

  • If you do not find a same-day appointment on our on-line scheduler please call us at 828-552-3111 for assistance in scheduling.
  • Please remember that same-day MISSED appointments are charged the full fee.

Announcing New Services:

  • Dr. Molly is now offering Visceral Manipulation Therapy
  • Ask your chiropractor about our new multi-radiance cold laser therapy and incorporating our new BioMat® therapy onto your cold laser, energy balancing or craniosacral therapy sessions.

Please Review Our Policies:

Scheduling Policies:

  • If appointment hours fill up – please call or text Tricia at the front desk at (828) 552-3111 and we will do our best to get you a same day appointment.
  • If you are having difficulties scheduling on-line via our scheduling application – please text us at 828-335-2208
  • Missed Appointments will be billed at the rate of the time missed – if we are able to fill all of your appointment time or partially – we will charge based on the unfilled time slot fee.
  • If it has been more than 1 year since you have been seen at the practice – please schedule yourself for a 30-minute progress exam.
  • If you are a new patient and you have a few questions before you make your New Patient Appointment – call the front desk and leave a message for a doctor or schedule a free 10 minute phone consult using the online scheduler.


Itemized receipts are provided for those who wish to submit their receipts to their insurance company. **Medicare, Medicaid, or other supplemental insurance to these programs is not accepted at this office and we cannot provide receipts to be filed with those specific providers.


Please call 828-552-3111 for pricing.

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• Dr. Anya Harris, DC   • Dr. Molly Meinhardt, DC   • Tricia Baehr, Chiropractic Assistant